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RTH Martial Arts, LLC

Riverside Taekwondo Hapkido 

Established in 1990


Grand Master Michael L. Couhie, 8th Dan & Master J. Suzanne Couhie, 5th Dan

1111 South Stark Highway, Weare, New Hampshire 03281 USA              Phone 603-529-5425, Fax 603-529-8500

Web site:  www.nhkick.com     E-mail:  nhkick@hotmail.com

Member World Taekwondo Federation, Seoul, Korea & World Hapkido Association, Seoul, Korea ~World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee




Welcome to Riverside Taekwondo Hapkido


The following will outline important information necessary for your training commitment with us.


CLASS SCHEDULE:  click here to view

We recommend training in 3 classes (2 core & 1 elective class) per week.

Your attendance is very important and therefore it is your responsibility to date the attendance card at each class.  Readiness for testing will be (in part) determined by the number of classes that you attend. 

Please call us at 529-5425 if you know that you will be missing class.



  Checks are to be made payable to: RTH Martial Arts, LLC

Dues are paid the first class of each month in the amount of $75. per student.

(Family rates apply to 3 or more members from the same family living at the same address, $70.00/person.)


Hapkido instruction is $75.00/ month. ($45.00 a month for actively training RTH Taekwondo students)

Hapkido is for Adult students (18 & over).

Hapkido uniforms are $95.00 purchased through the school


UNIFORMS:  (Dobok) are to be worn at every class and are to be clean, odor free and wrinkle free.

Doboks are purchased through RTH Martial Arts, LLC for $45. per uniform. 

We recommend that you purchase 2 doboks ($40. each when purchased at the same time), as this will make training in a clean uniform easier.  Doboks are silk-screened with the school logo and patches are included, which are to be sewn on in the appropriate places.


DO NOT wear your dobok with belt on outside of class. 


Please put your belt on when you arrive and remove your belt before leaving the dojang.

Females should wear a tee shirt or tank top under doboks.  All shirt- tails are to be tucked in.

Hapkido uniforms are $95.00   purchased through the school.


HYGIENE:   Fingernails and toenails are to be kept neatly trimmed and clean, for your safety and that of your fellow training partners.  Body odor is unpleasant, please clean up before class.



JEWELRY:  All jewelry will be removed before training.  (Earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets and rings.)             Plain wedding bands are the only exception.


TRAINING FACILITY:  Please keep your personal belongings organized and stored in a neat orderly fashion, in the designated location within the facility.

No street shoes are allowed on the dojang floor.

J. Suzanne Couhie & Michael L. Couhie


Grand Master Michael Couhie and his wife (since 1972), Master J. Suzanne Couhie are the proud parents of 4 beautiful children, all of which are Taekwondo Black Belts.  Taekwondo has been a strong part of this family and they carry over a family focus to their teachings at Riverside.



Grand Master Michael Couhie is an 8th Degree Black Belt,

who began his Martial Arts training in 1959.

He holds Masters rank certification in three Korean Martial Arts.

Taekwondo, Hapkido & Ho Kwon Do.


He is a certified International Foreign Master Instructor by the World Taekwondo Federation (Kukkiwon) Headquarters, Seoul, So. Korea.  He was awarded the Presidential Citation from the President of the WTF (Kukkiwon) in 1999, as the

 #1 ranked Foreign Master Instructor in the World. 

He is the only American (non-Korean) to receive this prestigious award.

Grand Master Couhie is the President of the New Hampshire State Hapkido Assoc.

He is the senior student of Grand Master Young Ahn Kwon, Former Coach of the Korean National Taekwondo Team.

Michael Couhie was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1998 and he received the “Life Achievement Award”.  He is among other famous Martial Artists similar to Chuck Norris, Ed Parker, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan just to name a few.


He was NH’s WMUR Hometown Hero in October 1999.

He is a former US National TKD Team member & AAU/USTA National Welter weight champion.


Currently, Grand Master Couhie volunteers his time to train Law Enforcement groups in

non-lethal restraint techniques and PDT (Police defensive tactics).


Master J. Suzanne Couhie is a 5th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt. 

A former Senior US Triple Gold Medallist at the US Cup National Championship,

Female Black Belt. 

She is a former N.H. State Taekwondo Championship Black Belt Gold Medallist

in Forms and Breaking.

In May 2000 she was named in New Hampshire Magazine as one of the

20 Most Powerful Women in the State of New Hampshire,

the only Martial Artist among the women featured.


Suzanne is a Lecturer in Kinesiology at New England College, in Henniker, NH.

She teaches Taekwondo, Self Defense and First Aid/CPR/AED.


She has been affiliated with the American Red Cross since 1969,

as an Instructor & Instructor Trainer in various fields of First Aid & Water Safety.


She is the former Director/Instructor for the Town of Weare, American Red Cross Water Safety, Life guarding, & Learn to Swim Program, for 10 years. 

She continues to teach Swimming & small craft

(canoeing & kayaking) courses in the summer.


Suzanne has over 35-years experience as an Instructor in Fitness training.


She teaches Self Defense courses.  Locations where she has taught include:

St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH; Community Groups in Hopkinton, Weare & Henniker, and at New England College.

Hapkido training is a completely different Martial Art and is $75.00 a month per person. Class is offered on Monday evenings from 7:45 to 9:30pm.

This training is for adults only(ages 18 and over).

 Please call 603-529-5425, for additional information.


Remarks from Students/Parents of families training at Riverside Taekwondo Hapkido.


“I have met so many wonderful people while training here at Riverside.  It is like my second family.  We all have the same goals, which are quality of technique, serious training and lots of fun during non-Taekwondo hours.  The school has adapted the ancient “Code of the warrior” which is a moral system.  The school helps to enforce during training and helps apply it to every day life.  Riverside is different.  The school is operated by a family.  It encourages family membership.  It recognizes that family does come first.  And with all the families training here, we have become a Riverside Family.  We welcome back students who haven’t been training with open arms.  And we feel the pain together of those who have been lost.                                                                    Mrs. Rita Wentworth, Merrimack, NH



“Training at Riverside Taekwondo Hapkido with Masters Couhie has taught my children that it isn’t just learning moves, but about integrating the Spirit of Taekwondo in all we do.  Respect, trust, self-control, perseverance are among some of the qualities that Suzanne and Michael Couhie embody.  I believe the leaders of this Martial Arts school make their dojang a unique and remarkable place for my children to learn not just a way of moving, but a way of life.”                                Katy Gibney, Goffstown, NH



“I am in my mid-fifties and at Green Belt.  

–Decreased blood pressure  - Increased flexibility   -Increased muscle mass, self-esteem and clarity! Why would I quit?                                      Dr. LaChance, LADC, Owner & Founder Greenspirit: The Center for Counseling and Consciousness, Goffstown, NH



“Coming to Riverside TKD is one of the most life-changing decisions I ever made.  I have a brown belt in another style, but I felt something was missing in my training.  What I was missing-core discipline and flexibility & the courage to keep going.  I first came to Riverside TKD in 1998, and I knew right then, I found the place that would help me on my inner journey.  I took some time to think it over and shortly before my other school’s black belt test, I left and joined the Riverside family.  This TKD family is supportive, encouraging and understands the need to work at my own pace.  Riverside teaches with a blend of discipline, compassion and humor.  Because of this, I am able to better face the challenges of life inside and outside the dojang.”                                                                                 Diane T. Padilla, 2nd Dan


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